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This Is It.

Refer to Napsauce for this.

Little story:

I'm a former law enforcement official. I was working this case, you see, that started with a woman tied to a tree. Shit was fucked up. I was the first to float the theory that it was some kind of...well, ritual. No one believed me. Eventually my partner started to humor me.


A lead led us to a house in the middle of nowhere. Long story short, we didn't go by the book. We killed those fuckers. There were kids involved, man. You don't get it.

Well, my partners wife is a vindictive bitch-fucked me to get back at my partner. I ended up in, well, self-imposed exile for awhile. Then shit started gettin' to me. Stuff surfaced. I never stopped working the case. Too much. It went all the way to the top.


I was questioned by the FBI, and my partner and I eventually got back together. We worked out of his PI office-both of us have shit lives.

Now we're driving up to a house in the middle of the Louisiana sticks. This is it. This is what we've been working toward.


What I need now, y'all, is just to wish us luck. We're going in to get The Yellow King.


Just pretend this is still RustCohleCarcosa. I don't understand what he PSA means. Or how to do it.

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