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"This is just how I talk, baby."

Hey you, Groupthink. I had a horrible experience with a customer today and I need to share because it was awful and upsetting and I need commiseration or whatever.

A (not old, not southern [this may be relevant later]) guy came in today to pick up some freight & I began helping him when he started with the whole, "Hey, where's the usual afternoon guy not that I'm complaining cuz you're so much better to look at, hur hur!" Yadda yadda bullshit they think is so flattering and original. I was already put off by him because he kept calling me honey/sweetie/ baby/beautiful after every sentence and when he called me baby again I asked, "Is that necessary?"

He responded, "This is just how I talk, baby. You're young so you don't know how it goes but it just rolls off my tongue like that."


It's hard to explain but the way he was talking—his tone and posture—didn't indicate to me that he was trying to be breezy or informal. He was overbearing and aggressive; I couldn't even finish a sentence (he talked over me as soon as I began speaking, usually). So I responded, "Well, I don't like it." (This whole time I'm getting the paperwork together for his freight.) He got a little louder and said, "Well, you're just young. It's not disrespectful you just don't know, honey." And I said, "Wrong. It is."

Then he told me that he was going to bend me over his knee.

Bend. Me over. His knee. You know, like for a spanking.

I looked at him for a second before walking away and as I walked away I told him that someone would be with him shortly. I went into the warehouse & told the guys, "Some customer just told me he's going to bend me over his knee. I'm not going to process his shipment because fuck him."

So I paced around in the warehouse for a bit to cool off (I was so angry I couldn't think straight. Like, if somebody had asked me some benign shit such as, "Hey roma, what'd you have for lunch?" I would've responded FUCK. YOU. AND FUCK LUNCH. AND FUCK ALL THIS BULLSHIT AND WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU IN MY FUCKING FACE RIGHT NOW.)

After I collected myself, I went back into the office and told my boss what happened. He looked at me like, Did you just say what I think you said? and jumped up, went out front and yelled at the guy for harassing his employees. The guy shouted back SHE'S MAD BECAUSE I CALLED HER HONEY? SHE'S SO YOUNG IF THAT BOTHERED HER. WHERE IS MY FREIGHT? My boss told him to shut-up and stop talking and that he couldn't pick up his shipment. (We don't accept cash, mothafuckaaa!)


The part that pissed me off the most was how this complete stranger was standing there explaining to me why his behavior is okay. Like I'm supposed to drop my objections because that's how he is. Baby girl needs to learn how to talk to the men, that's all. You mad, baby? This is how we talk, sweetie.

Fuck. That. Shit.

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