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Welcome To The Bitchery

So the other day I was thinking about how grateful I am to have Mr. Haa as my co-parent. Seriously, he's great. He loves our daughter, plays with her, is genuinely upset when he has to leave her to go to work, changes her diapers, bathes her, does everything but breast feed her. Our daughter is 8 weeks old and I'm the parent that has been out with friends already while Mr. Haa stayed home. As much as I love him and am happy he is an equal partner it got me thinking how crap it is that I have to feel thankful for this. He is half of Baby Haa's parents and therefore SHOULD be responsible for half of her care. Sure he goes above and beyond but SO DO I! We're a team and that involves picking up the other's slack once in a while. Not all the time.

My SIL is due to have her fourth baby any day and she was telling me that when her third child was born her husband just dropped her off at home with the baby and kids and went back to work. The bassinet was never assembled and hid under a pile of furniture she had to dig out. After just giving birth. She constantly is alone with all 3 kids and he can't handle more than two of them at a time. My other SIL's husband would hand the kid over any time a diaper needed to be changed. It got so bad that the baby didn't even really like to be held by his dad he was so used to his mom. My BIL is a drug addict and I fear for the daddy issues his two daughters are going to have. Honestly, besides my own father and my husband I don't know one father who is truly stand up like this. Please tell me this is just because my guy friends haven't procreated yet but the shitty ones have? Share your stories of awesome co-parents.


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