These days I can't tell with the Woody Allen threads. ETA: I didn't ungrey him!!! I'm grey myself.

ETA2: I think you guys are right about the MRAs. I'm officially away from Gawker media from the next couple of days until they move on. I posted this comment in response to someone who identified as a psychologist while expressing worry about the effect of this back and forth on Dylan now:

I was wondering about this. I've been talking to other survivors /my therapist about this. It's really stirred up a lot of shit for me (yet I can't stop reading), so I can't imagine what its doing to her. Especially since she was also in the public eye with him as a child

And here's the first response (using a screenshot because I dismissed).

NICE YOU LAZY, HEARTLESS FUCK. By all means don't take your dick out of your hand long enough to type out an actual reply and say you think Dylan doesn't deserve sympathy or empathy.


ETA3: PetticoatDespot's comment made me realize I should clarify that screenshot #2 is a grey commenter quoting without attribution a discredited report from the team of psychologists, some of whom were paid for by WA (I've heard conflicting reports on how many were in his pay, but the report was discredited). So it's a mimicking of authority without context. Now I'm mad all over again.