Back in May, I visited family in Toronto. My cousin and I went to this one beauty/makeup store (it was like Sephora, but not Sephora), and I landed upon this perfume that caught my eye. It was Valentino’s Valentina Pink. I smelled it and instantly fell in love. This never happens because I’m not that into perfume and it’s not like I usually get obsessed over perfume, ever. BUT I WAS HOOKED. However, I didn’t purchase it because I was all, “I can just buy this back in America!11!!1!” NOPE. I Googled the shit out of this the same day and was disappointed to find out that this damn perfume wasn’t available in most department stores or Sephora or was sold out in places like Nordstrom. I was SO upset. I couldn’t even find it on eBay.

Flashforward to today. I’m in Nordstrom, waiting to meet up with my boyfriend and checking out the makeup counters to kill time. As I’m browsing, I notice the fragrance section and THEN I SEE IT. I SEE THE VERY LAST BOX OF THIS PERFUME. It was MEAN TO BE!1!!!1! Until I check the price: it’s $112. FUCK, I can’t afford that. But TL;DR: I bought it. Maybe it was irresponsible, but I couldn’t NOT buy it. My boyfriend didn’t even understand why I was so excited about this perfume, but I wouldn’t understand it either if I wasn’t in my own situation. Even the guy that rang me up told me I was lucky because they’re usually out of stock with this perfume. I’M SO HAPPY! This will for sure last me for a really, really long time, so I’m trying to justify it as a good investment. So um, celebrate my find with me?!


PS: I feel so sheepish sharing my excitement over fucking perfume when I was commenting in a recent post of mine on how I couldn’t afford $90 Christian Louboutin lipstick and HAHA, CAN’T SPLURGE ON THAT!1!!1! and now I splurged on >$100 perfume. ఠ_ఠ

But it’s okay to splurge sometimes, right? RIGHT?!