... after I found out what the law allows when your landlords deposit your security in with their personal money.

I asked for a copy of a statement for the account that our security deposit is in, this is how the conversation went:

Landlord (LL): Well, we can't give you the account information because it is in with other money.

Me: Wait, it's not in its own account?

LL: No, we put it in with other money so it could make a higher interest rate (ed: yeah, uh huh, sure), o.33% instead of 0.25%.


Me: I was under the impression that it had to be put in a separate account.

LL: (moving into strong-arming mode)Well, it was $XXXX.XX, and we put it in that account so it could make more interest. I can calculate it with the 0.25% interest rate if you want.


Me: That's not really the issue at hand.

After they left I used the Google. In my state if the landlord doesn't deposit the money appropriately the tenant can use that money PLUS 7% PER ANNUM for rent. I've lived here for four years... it's a lot of money. That's exactly the remaining amount on our lease so I issued a stop payment on the check I gave them today.


That's what happens when you try to strong arm me. The written notice is typed, signed, and waiting to be mailed tomorrow. I am not the one.

Renters unite! Stand up to the tyranny of the landlords!