Because shit got seriously epic in Dungeons & Dragons this weekend and I need to lay it all out to see the big picture and get some plans and schemes in motion.

A little background. We play what we call 3.25 with house rules. It's a homemade world, a discworld, where the outer planes have been severed and locked away from the Prime. Teleport of any kind is not possible. The center of the disk is an enormous city, Paragon City, which is extremely Lawful Good. The world outside Paragon City is mostly evil. We are an evil party that had been working towards the destruction of Paragon City. We are all working for someone more powerful than we are to help him gather the ingredients to make some really sweet magical bombs that will give us the edge we need to win.

One of our party members is an insane wizard. We've been tolerating him and his Cthulhu-like little familiar all this time because he's an explosives expert and we don't really have a choice unless we want to cross the boss and miss out on all the Paragon City action. We've been mildly concerned about his relationship with the Cthulhu-pod, but mostly focused on the main goal. And now we are realizing that we let things go for far too long and may already be too late.

He going to blow a hole in the fabric of space-time and let the Cthulhus in. He's really into explosives, and his familiar Terry has been teaching him non-euclidian gometry. He knows how to fold and unfold dimensions, and now that we've just successfully raided the most badass Dwarven artificer in the lands, we have the explosion amplification device he needs to pull it off.

The answer seems to be that we need to reconnect the outer planes. Their absence weakens magic, and magic keeps the Cthulhus away. But Pelor severed the planes in response to an evil deity that had grown too powerful by eating a bunch of the other evil deities. While the good gods argued about about what to do, Pelor took desperate action and ate as many of the good gods he could get his hands on so he had the power for the Severing. Reconnecting the planes will start that all up again, and evil is waiting.

Oh, and a huge mysterious black rectangle has been seen in the distance for months. No one knows what it is or how it fits into anything else.