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This is me.. raging. UPDATE: Rage... fading!

Was outside, waiting for The Maternal One to pick me up, when my trusty iPod Nano died. I have no idea what killed it. It was in the middle of a song, refused to respond to any button presses while the song was playing, then did nothing when the song ended.

I.. I am beyond pissed here.

It was a 16 gig beauty that served me well with musical caffeine and blocking out the chatter of the world around me. And it just croaked with no fore-shadowing or preamble. I can't afford another one till next year, as I have at most 50 bucks in my bank account.


Rot in hell, Apple Corporation. As I think about the 4 gig Sansa clip I once bought that lasted me 5 fucking years to your one.

UPDATE: Turns out a reset was just what it needed. THANK YOU ALL!

I'm still thinking of looking into a bigger iPod Touch next semester though. Because games.

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