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I started by sweeping the kitchen floor (after getting pissed that I stepped on something small and pointy), progressed to cleaning off and wiping down counters, moved on to cleaning out the fridge, and finished up with making clean-out-the-fridge soup. All of that is waaay more than I had intended to do, since I am super, super sore from the myofascial massage I had yesterday (bestest birthday present ever! Thanks, CG!) and hobbling around like somebody's sweet old granny.

I haven't really cooked since Easter. I made a biiiiig meal, and so there were a couple days of leftovers, plus my big birthday dinner on Tuesday, so more leftovers... throw in a couple of stops for fast food/junk food (we all finally got our state taxes back! Woo!), and I have been super lazy. I ended up throwing away a shameful amount of food when I cleaned the fridge - a couple of single servings of this and that that no one got around to, some seriously antique yogurt, a bag of lunchmeat that had gotten buried in the back... man, do I hate to throw stuff out!


So, clean-out-the-fridge soup is my way of dealing with all the bits and pieces I found in there, along with other stuff, of course. About 1/3 head of cabbage, 2 small and sad carrots, 3 very small potatoes, 1 mushroom (?), 1/2 a red onion, a handful of peeled garlic cloves, 1 slightly squishy but still good jalapeno, some dried onion, celery, and spinach, a handful of dried tomatoes and some tomato powder, most of a can of V8 that someone opened and never finished, enough water to fill the pot, and a bunch of herbs, salt and pepper. It's simmering away and starting to smell delicious!

I promised the kids tuna casserole tonight, so I'll throw that together for them, and the soup will be for me, and anyone else who wants some.

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