This cat is me right now. I need to write something for work, and it’s about why our product matters, and all I can think is IT DOESN’T. Not to me, anyway. I’m having a super hard time caring about my job. It’s been 4 years this June since I finished grad school, and I haven’t had a single job I cared about since my last teaching job (3 years ago). I’ve kept trying to refocus, to have a better attitude, to learn what I can, all the things you’re supposed to do. I just feel like I can’t anymore. I feel like when you’re at the end of a workout and you’ve already done 90 pushups and how the fuck are you supposed to do 10 more? I’m legit worried that someone, especially my boss, is going to catch on to how many fucks I do not give about this place and let me go. This has gotten worse since I interviewed for the Dream Job and am now waiting for the second interview, which is going to be awhile because the Dream Job has a crazy long hiring process.

anyways. First world problems and all that. At least I have a job. How do you find new strength to deal with something you really don’t like when you’re running low on it, GT?