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Welcome To The Bitchery

'This is Middle America'

I really hate having Trump supporting parents. Every chance they get, they go on and on about how horrible Obama has been and how things will be so much better with a billionaire businessman running the country (le barf). The one that’s especially annoying? Mom talking about how the crowd in attendance at the ‘Make America Great Again’ concert last night was “middle America”. I kid you not, she has kept saying slight variants on “That was Middle America, right there in that audience”since last night. The snarkier side of me wants to ask how much of her ‘Middle America’ isn’t made up of white conservatives.

Between my older sister and I, it seems this family’s apples fell pretty far from the tree as far as politics go. (My sister isn’t as outspokenly feminist as I am, but she does espouse a lot of feminist beliefs on her FB, is a Planned Parenthood supporter, and seems a lot more grounded than our parents. She may be mildly insufferable, but she ain’t all bad.)


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