These are a STUNNING time lapse photography videos of my home state Wyoming, done by Nicolaus Wenger. They are absolutely breathtaking to watch. I especially love that while he includes shots of our lovely mountains (and the Grand Tetons really are lovely), he also includes some of our more unique landscapes, like Hells Half Acre (filming site for Starship Troopers). The second video includes several minutes of one of my favorite sights, giant thunderstorms building over the high plains. But I am kind of biased in my love of the plains and the shrublands rather than the mountains.

These videos are "home" to me. Even if I can't recognize all the specific locations I still know areas so similar to them that I feel like I know where they are. Wyoming is a pretty beautiful place!


Another favorite moment is the dust trail beyond a car going down the road at around 2:50 in the first video. For some reason it really amuses me.