The last few days have been seriously stressful for me. I'm not good at being the center of attention, and this whole thing has brought me to tears on more than one occasion since I hit publish on Monday night. But in all of that, the commenters of GT have been amazing about rallying around me and supporting me, and I'm incredibly grateful, so I wanted to take some time to specifically mention the people who went above and beyond for me.

On Helping Me (Cope) Personally:

Thanks to Burt Reynold Is My Spirit Guide for being generally awesome and taking time to chat with me outside of groupthink and help me keep my sanity.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my post asking for advice on whether or not to do the radio interview.

Thanks to Kabarrick for this great advice (that I totally used!) on how to handle my radio interview.


Thank you to Penabler for spending the last few days blanketing GT with favourable comments about me, encouraging me, and generally being awesome and making me feel supported.

Thank you to Smilla and paranoid_shiksa_feminista for my Trouser Award! (I'm having it framed. I love it so much)


Thank you to Critter Is A Nocturnal Feminist ManCatfish (whew! mouthful!) for formally documenting my million views.


On Continuing the Conversation:

Thank you to PetticoatDespot for concisely summarizing the events that led up to my writing the piece (and all but lionizing me in the process! heh!)


Thank you to HuxtableSweater for this post on Cultural Tourism and Black Culture that made me do more thinking about the way we talk about appropriation.

Thank you to Wax-Tadpole for this post about Robin Thicke's role in the whole debacle.


Thank you to Korra for reminding us that the woman on stage with Miley is a person, and she has a name. (It's Amazon Ashley), this hilarious GIF party of white tears, and this handy list of rebuttals to the usual troll arguments.


Thank you to Chartreusecaboose for directing us to Mikki Kendall's essay on how to be a good ally, and showing us how Nick Denton used his trolling powers for good.

Thank you to Zap Rowsdower for reminding us that it's possible to like Macklemore and also recognize that he's sometimes problematic.


Thank you to AfroWithAChanceOfMeatballs for calling our attention to a non-black, SIFWW perspective.


And lastly, thanks to Critter and Slaybelle (and all the other mods I don't know by name) for manning GT and dismissing the most egregious trolls so I didn't have to deal with them.


I have never been more proud to be part of a community online. I love GT and I'm so happy to have found a place where I can come and discuss the things that affect my life from a more thorough and intellectual perspective. You guys are seriously amazing.


I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep with tears of joy now.

ETA: I do have a favour to ask. I'm putting together a post on my blog that details what happened with Mileygate and the events leading up to it so I can put it on my linkedin/resume. If you know of anywhere credible that posted the piece, linked to it, quoted it, or tweets by famous/significant people, please let me know!