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This is non-conformity?

The headline in the NYT Fashion section is “At One Modeling Agency, Non-Conformity is Key”

I’m not seeing it. Even their faces are similar bone-structure wise. Also their bodies all seem weirdly pre-pubescent. These models look like the 13-15 year olds I see when I pick up the kids I care for. (Actually some of the high school kids look way older and more filled out than these dudes). I know the trend in male models is getting skinnier every year so I guess the men are almost in the same boat as women now. It’s disheartening to see the evidence presented so starkly though. (Especially when it’s presented as a good thing)


I find runway shows really unpleasant to watch now as I spend most of my time looking at the women (girls really) walking and thinking they must be all 12 - 14. As a woman in my forties I’ve never had a body like theirs and I certainly can’t wear any of the clothing that looks good on them. I mean I’m fat so I’m automatically excluded from them as a rule, but even if I was in perfect shape I would still be much shorter and have boobs and hips and stuff.

Really we would all be much happier if cats were the runway models. We worship all their differences happily.

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