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This is Not a Joke

This is a real headline: "PA Man Shot for Carrying Boxers Suing Police".

What kind of society do we live in? I am laughing and crying, simultaneously.

This sentence: "Sprouse has reported Weyant was acting erratically and didn’t respond to a command to drop his 'weapon'– which turned out to be a pair of black 'Guitar Hero' boxers." is too much for me.


And then this one: "'I wouldn’t do this, probably you wouldn’t do it, but some guys wear these long shorts out in public,' Stoehr said. 'It’s perfectly acceptable in today’s society'". No! Not long shorts! People do that?!?

You can't report about someone being shot —which is not funny and is supposed to make me mad— and then include sentences that absurd.

I'm done with today.

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