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This is Not Cool*

I wrote an email two days ago to my super, asking if something could be fixed.

No response.

Went out today.

Came back.

It’s been fixed.

No email, no note, nothing.

I wrote an email both thanking him and begging that he give me prior notice next time.


This is not cool. *In fact, it’s illegal/scary/disrespectful.


UPDATE: He wrote back: “I will try but next time please do not ask for repair until you’re ready for someone to come in and fix. Sometimes if the maintenance person is already here we might have it fixed that same day. When you request a repair and there is a day or time you do not someone to enter just put that in your maintenance request. This way we can get things repaired quickly and not waste time emailing each other.”


I have never lived in a place where responding to a request would so slow down getting to a repair that they just go on into the apartment with no acknowledgement that they received the request at all. Or even leave a note on the door saying they’d been inside. And I’ve lived in some shitty ass apartments in my time—at least in NYC my slumlords had the decency to never empty their voicemails and abandon their PO Boxes with no forward address so they could claim we never paid rent or they didn’t get our message about a busted fridge/crumbling wall/mouse-cockroach-flea infestation.

I don’t know why I’m so annoyed at how over-efficient this new building seems to be, but I am. Leave a note, damnit!


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