So going on in the background- sinus problems from a month of bronchitis in October, so at any moment I might have a sinus headache or relapse. Had a broken foot and two surgeries also so I was real physical inactive. So I'm heavier than I have ever been. Ugh. Have a very strained relationship with my husband right now, and work is bananas because it's the end of the year and half the staff is sick and the other half seems to have forgotten how to do their damn jobs and I am having to do everyone's yearly evaluations during the holidays as always and it's a madhouse. AND I accidentially ran into a curb today at lunch and popped a tire. So I spent $500 more than I planned to today to get new tires. And we've got some medical bills that may be going to a lawyer to try to get payment from us. And husband is still in school. And I finally got my new driver's license in the mail today with the updated picture, and god my face is so fat. And I have a huge double chin in the picture and I just feel awful and I look awful and my life is awful and feel awful. Bah. 2014 can kiss the left and right cheek of my pasty fat ass.