So there's a shop I go to sometimes here in the city. It's beautiful and boutiquey and popular and lovely. I won't name it...just kidding. It's called LOOP LONDON, a yarn store. Anyway, like many shops in old buildings the front door is split in two, and they lock one half. Even if it were a whole door it would be very narrow, so only having half a door is...hard to get in. When I was pregnant I sort of rotated myself in sideways and now I have the baby in the sling I have to do that even moreso. However, these are passing states. What about anyone who isn't a hipster waif?

It always really bothers me and today I was tired and cranky so I said something.

The girl working was someone I've seen in there before. She has a dreadful GAP YAH accent and I've heard her on various visits just spouting rubbish "when I was at uuuuuni" and she's basically a comic character, she's that absurd and phony. So I said

Me: You know, those doors are terrible.

Gap Yah: Oh I knowww they're protected, so we can't change them.

Me: I mean, it's impossible to get through the doors.

Gap Yah: Oh we can open both sides, I just didn't see you, sorry.

Me: I was fine, I just rotated in, but if a person was larger it would be humiliating to literally not be able to get in the door. They'd have to call for help.


Gap Yah: Oh no, it's fine, a lady did that just last week and we came to open the door to let her in. We can open both sides.

Me: That's the point, she shouldn't HAVE to call for help to get in the damn door. That is AWFUL.

Gap Yah: Well soon it'll be summer and we'll keep the doors open.


This is terrible, right? I don't think I'm oversensitive. And I know, don't even go into accessibility issues. London is amazing in most ways and atrocious for that, but just locking the door so that the fat ladies can't get in? Really?

(picture of shop borrowed from intertubes