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I got the Nanobots up at 6:30 this morning, and then lay back down while they go ready for school — they are finally both old enough to not need much supervision, and it's better if I just stay out of both their way and the bathroom. I sent them off to the bus, and got up to get myself ready.

I was searching frantically for my keys so I could head up to the preschool, when I got a call from the school nurse. Megabyte was dizzy, headachy, and alternately extremely pale and flushed. So, naturally, I asked the nurse if he knew where my keys were. He said that his brother would know, so the nurse called down to Kilobyte's class while I called the preschool to let them know I was going to have to take care of a sick child.

Evidently, Kilobyte had taken my keys this morning to get something from the car and then left them there.


Off to the school I went, to find a dehydrated Megabyte who evidently had diarrhea all night but didn't tell me. :/

So now we are lying down on the sofa, supplied with bananas and gatorade, and watching The Clone Wars. And, SPOILER, evidently being cut in half doesn't actually kill you. How does being bisected not hit any vital organs? And why are there more than two Sith now? I'm so confused. At least I'm not having to watch Anakin Skywalker be all whiny.

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