So I emailed the statewide chapter of the National Organization for Women about forming a campus affiliate at my school. The president just emailed me back and said she's thrilled that I'm interested in starting a chapter at my college. She asked me about myself, what my particular goals and interests are and what my goals would be for the group, and if I knew of other students who would be interested in getting involved. I know there's a lot of interest because nearly everyone in my women's studies class from this past semester expressed a lot of disappointment that there's no 2nd part to the course. Not only that, but cultural studies is being taken out of the associate of arts degree program at my school, and this was the last women's studies course that will be offered.

I'm stoked, you guys. I know I can drum up some real interest, and my women's studies professor volunteered to be a faculty sponsor. Also, the state chapter president offered to meet me in person when she comes to my city next month for a meeting of the citywide chapter, who she said would be available to support me if I do start a college chapter of NOW.