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This is Probably Not the Shirt You Want to Sell in Israel

Good job, Zara.

Above is a kid's shirt that until recently was available for sale in Zara store and online. The design has drawn backlash on Twitter for its close resemblance to uniforms worn by prisoners in Nazi concentration and extermination camps during World War II.


The shirts were on sale in Israel, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Albania, among other countries, and were produced in Turkey. A spokesman for Zara claimed the design was based on sheriff's star-shaped badges in classic Western films. While I doubt the Nazi imagery was intentional, this is probably not the best product choice, especially for a brand that "accidentally" sold a handbag patterned with swastikas in 2007. Zara has now pulled the shirt from its stores. Read more about the backlash at the Huffington Post.

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