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Welcome To The Bitchery
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This is Ridiculous

SO - I called back the manager who told me they "needed to figure out the training schedule" for the bar I had two interviews at (one was a working interview). I know that in other industries, it's the norm to not hear back for weeks, but it's REALLY unusual in bars. More often than not, they want you in there and working within three days. Schedules are made weekly, and I should have at least heard something along the lines of "can you come in next week?". Yesterday I left a message, and never heard back. Today I tried at the bar, and was told they were "really busy on weekends", which I fucking know, but never returning calls, even if it would just be to tell me I'm not hired, is frankly bizarre. I didn't leave a message this time, and maybe I seem annoying, but when you say you "just need to figure out the training schedule" and then drop off the earth for a week, I have the right to get annoyed. I would have been job-hunting like hell all week if I had known this was going to happen. I started again today, but this is five days wasted in an industry where that's a long time.

Thanks for listening to me rant.


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