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This is serious biz. Help me not look like "I'd like some Mom jeans to go with..."

These shoes.

OK, yay or nay on these Minnetonka driving mocs? My puppy recently chewed up my most recent go-to for dgaf but maybe kinda gaf shoes, some black sparkly Toms (yes, I'm 43, so, so 43) and Texan. So anyway, I'm just not sure Sperry's have any life left to the trend, so don't feel like shelling out $90 on something that is going to look dated.


Minnetonka fringed boots are all over the place right now, btw - when the hell did that memo go out? I'm going to skip that one, btw, as I was around for another iteration in the 80's of fringed shit as seen here simply for amusement purposes (now that I look at them I'm like "aww, but they're kind of cute...). I wore them with just about everything.

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