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Are you ever told that you look like someone, celebrity or non? How does it make you feel? And subquestion:

no, not really. Subquestion:who would you choose to look like if you didn't look like you?


This is not meant to be a body or self-hating thing, I just thought it might be kind of neat since, for the most part, we don't really know what anyone on GT looks like! I dunno. It's Friday and I'm just trying to make it 'til a respectable 4:43.

ETA: I get my mom (which I love), Cate Blanchett (often, despite having VERY curly hair. We have the same eyes/face shape/kind of body type (I've obviously got a good 15-20 pounds on her)), Blake Lively and Taylor Swift ( which I absolutely do not believe) , and Sarah Jessica Parker (which I hate).

I would love to look like Beyonce or Rachel McAdams. I guess this all means I'm not content with how I look? Couldn't say.

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