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This is super old news

But can we talk about the last ad on here?

Aside from the fact that it's super dumb and discriminatory, can we talk about how it makes no sense?!?! It has an adorable little girl looking so sad and confused when her dad tells her you don't have to be married and saying "Then what's marriage for?" Followed by a voice going "Don't confuse our kids."


The people who made this ad do realize that you don't have to be married to have kids, right? Like, completely independently of gay marriage. It's a biological fact. Maybe it's the people making this ad who are confused?

For example, my parents had me when they were unmarried, and then got married when I was six (for a green card! That answers your question about what marriage is for!). I can promise you I don't remember being even a little bit confused about marriage or babies. But then, my parents were always very straightforward with me about where babies come from. Maybe that's the takeaway we should be getting from this ad? Be more straight forward with your kids about where babies come from, and then they won't get all confused and sad looking!

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