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Does anyone have any experience with fighting a collections company? I had a student loan that my dad said he would take over because at the time I was struggling to make the payments. I had offered to take the payments over about 6 months ago when I started my new job, and he said it was fine, he would continue to pay them for me (thanks Dad, you're the best!).

So, fast forward to today when I get an email for my other student loan reminding me payment is due soon and figure I'll check out the other one to see how much the balance is currently and I can't even get on to the website. I call the number on the back of the statement I had and get some bitch of a representative who tells me my loan is currently in collections and hasn't had a payment made since November 2011 (which was false, it was 2012, which doesn't make a difference but still). So I start freaking out inside, start to cry and she starts going over my information and they fucked up EVERY SINGLE THING. They had put a 0 in place of an 8 in my phone number, they didn't update the address information when I had called to get it switched to my dad's address so they're still sending bills to my old apartment (and imagine that! They're not forwarding them either), and since they didn't have the correct phone number, I haven't been aware of this in almost a year. When I started explaining that a statement should have been sent to my dad's address (they were sending two statements out a month when I was paying them, one to my dad's address and one to mine) she had the nerve to say "Well obviously he isn't paying on it". Well OBVIOUSLY I fucking know that now that my fucking account is in collections!

I got a number to the collections company and am now paying off the balance of the loan from where the payments stopped, as long as I make the payments for 6 months, it'll be expunged from my record and it'll be like nothing ever happened.


My question is, however, since my cosigner (my dad) and I were never made aware of the account going into collections, is there any way I can fight this for the interest that I have accrued during the period of non payment? This was all a huge mess and misunderstanding but I feel like every time I tried to explain this to anyone, they all thought I was making excuses. I feel like these people probably all think I gave them incorrect information to try to avoid paying my bills and am now trying to place the blame elsewhere when my account is in collections.


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