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This is the most hipster shit....

Full disclosure: I bought these and ate them and I liked it so I guess I’m the most hipster shit.

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I’ve been trying to keep more low effort, shelf-stable food in the pantry. One of the things on my list was “just add water” pancake mix. I saw some pumpkin spice pancake mix at the co-op on for a special deal and I bought it on a whim.

(While feeling slightly guilty because if Aunt Jemima was good enough for my childhood, it’s good enough for my pantry. I know my dad thinks I spend too much money on coffee; I can imagine his face if I mentioned gourmet pancake mix. Let’s not even discuss the fact that I have rejected fake maple syrup.)


Anyhow, I didn’t look too closely at the branding when I bought it, but we made them this weekend and they were pretty good, so I decided to google the company.

They’re a micro...pancakery?


I... I can’t...

And they’re “reimagining” the pancake. They’re disrupting it like Juicero. “Months of double-blind taste tests ensure that every ingredient is the best on the planet, and their combinations and proportions are pure culinary poetry.”


The company is named after a Robert Frost poem because Robert Frost would definitely have approved of gourmet flavored instant pancakes.

I don’t have anything else to say about them. They were pretty good but too expensive to keep in stock.


Do you have a favorite “just add water” pancake mix?

I want it to be simple because the idea is to be able to cook it at home during power outages. Plus, if I’m going to be dealing with eggs anyways I can just make pancakes from scratch.

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