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Rebecca Belmore's newest art piece re-enacts the day English settlers captured Beothuk lady Demasduit and killed her husband.

'The short installation, less than three minutes, is titled March 5, 1819, and it reenacts the capture by English settlers in Newfoundland of the Beothuk woman Demasduit and the killing of her husband, Nonosabasut. (Ten years later, Demasduit’s niece, Shanawdithit, died in captivity. She was the legendary “last of the Beothuks.'



And then I scroll down on facebook a little ways and see this:

Sheila Joseph, an elder who was punched today by the RCMP on National Aboriginal Day. You can see blood on the side of her mouth. Her husband was also arrested for trying to help. #Route126#Elsipogtog #CallForHelp


Seriously, those little headdresses and cultural appropriation profits are small potatoes compared to the reality: colonization is still here. We are not yet equals.


And you know what, Paula Deen? Just go.

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