1) Signed a lease on a townhouse apartment for the nanobots and I.

2) Showed my mother where it was and gave her a key to the house so she could start packing stuff.

3) Talked to the professional movers my awesome brother offered to pay for (because there was no way I could possibly afford it and professionals is better than imposing on friends and possibly injuring one of them trying to move my piano) and set them up to come this afternoon to pick up the furniture.

4a) Drove around for at least an hour trying to find the office of the insurance agent I spoke with last week to sort out the renter's insurance and auto insurance. Gave up.


4b) Spent several hours in the juvenile circuit court building filing paperwork for child custody and child support. We will each get a notice of the date for mediation and a court date for if that doesn't work, which it won't. But my lawyer will cream his ass, so I'm not bothered.


5) Met the movers at the house and supervised them moving the furniture that was going, led them to the new apartment and supervised it all getting in. My piano is now in a room where it can get played, as opposed to in the bedroom which constantly has a lump in the bed complaining about the noise.

6) Called the Electric Company (sadly, they did NOT appreciate it when I said "HEY YOU GUUUUUUUUUUYS" into the phone. Does no one watch PBS anymore?) and got the account for the apartment opened.


7) Called the City to deal with the water/sewer/trash, was informed I had to actually go in and pay $150 deposit. Did that.

8) Went to post office to file change of address forms, realized the "form" was just a blurb telling me how to do it online.


9) Realized it was 4pm and I hadn't eaten since breakfast. Got an ice cream cone. Lemon Gingersnap. I regret nothing.

10) Came into work.

Things I didn't do today:


1) Any actual helping with packing my own shit. My guilt is enormous.

2) Any actual work at work. Again, guilt.

3) Eat lunch. But, ice cream, so no regrets. And that pizza from Subway will warm up nicely tomorrow.


4) Sort out the renter's/auto insurance.

5) Sort out the internet for the apartment.

6) Sort out my mobile phone situation. So, still on Wedded Asshole's account. Bah.


7) Respond to Wedded Asshole's texts.

So, all in all, I am exhausted emotionally, physically, spiritually, and in lots of other ways ending in -ally. Much to do tomorrow before I can do the fun stuff like buy lamps and rugs and curtains and things.