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And I feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. He just bit me so hard on my damaged nipple that I let out a bloodcurdling scream (bet the neighbours appreciated that) and ran out of the room swearing and crying. Crazy mother, great for baby.

He's totally indifferent to routine, so NO routine changes or anything have ever made any difference, only breastfeeding will put him to sleep. The last couple of nights, that hasn't happened really.

I'm also around other babies almost every day of the week and I have never heard one this loud. It's extremely rare that he screams in public and when he does people always comment on WOW that is the loudest baby I've ever heard. I can't get offended because it's true.


Now he's in the other room producing nonstop (for the last hour) bloodcurdling extreme screaming. He doesn't cry. He screams. He stops when I BF him but then, see above under biting. There's basically nothing I can do except try to not lose my goddamned mind.

I know, this too shall pass, blah blah. I know. This is just a really hard night.

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