Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Looks like I’m going to have two periods this month! It’s the joy of the holidays!

So I fucked up my birth control and didn’t even realize it. I use the NuvaRing and it appears as though it came out during some of my Christmas... activities and I didn’t even realize it until I came thisclose to bleeding through onto my sheets this morning. I just put the damn thing in this past Friday! The last time this happened* (how do neither of us notice this?!?!?) my dog ate my ring, which I’m hoping isn’t what happened this time since the last time there was only a little medicine left and this one has the entire dose.

At least the blood means I didn’t get accidentally knocked up... right???? I’m having my standard period left thigh pain (which nerve services my uterus and then takes a left down my leg? It’s a very rude nerve, I think, to radiate pain like that), so this just feels like a regular period. God, how much blood do I keep in there?!


Please tell me I’m not the only one shit like this happens to.

* I don’t want to turn people off of the NR, I’ve been on it for years and years and this has only happened twice.

ETA: My doctor’s office (who called me back very promptly about this, still very happy with them) told me to just put a new one in if I “was sure it wasn’t in there, otherwise we’ll have to bring you in here to check.” I burst out, “Where would it be?!” I was like, I’m not 16, it’s definitely not in there. My vagina isn’t cavernous enough for things to get lost, at least not yet.

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