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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So I posted twice about this, and I'm so sorry to continue posting about it, but I just...ugh, I really can't deal with this bullshit anymore. I NEED TO VENT MOREEE. So I posted two Saturdays ago here and this past Saturday here that this lady who is supposed to write this overall committee letter for me for dental school admissions has yet to send it, even though this letter should've hypothetically been sent WEEKS ago. Then she promised me last week she'd send it in by last Friday and email me when she did, and she didn't do either of those. Yesterday at noon, I called and left a message with the receptionist of the office asking to tell the lady who is writing my letter to call me. I also sent her an email. No calls or emails yesterday. No calls or emails today. I'M GOING TO GO FUCKING INSANE ON THIS BITCH. I'm starting to think she lost my file or something. This is ridiculously unacceptable, and I do.not.have.the.time to deal with this. I work till after their office is open every day of this week, so I don't even know what to do. My mom is frustrated enough that she wants to call in for me, but I don't want her to do that.


Just guys, please, if someone asks you to write them a letter of recommendation, at least keep them updated if you know it'll take you forever and ever. And never put someone through this awfulness that I'm going through. I still have plenty of time before deadlines, but she's not taking MY deadline seriously (it's rolling admissions, so). Also, as I mentioned in my last 2 posts, I'm PAYING this fucking committee to write this letter.


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