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Welcome To The Bitchery
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this is weird or wrong or WTF?

Our landlord is trying to sell the house (split into apartments house) so he’s doing all this work on it so we can be kicked out eventually or just have our rent skyrocket like the rest of Seattle but this shit is a liiiiiiiittle off

Homeboy straight jackhammered a giant hole by our back steps and, smooth as ever, covered it with two trash cans. Not one word, phone call, text, pigeon, etc about it, SOOO


Trash day isn’t till Thursday and the other two cans are already full of shit he already put in them so I dismantled his “What not to do when you dig a giant hole on your property” performance art and replaced one of the trash cans with a safety cone (that I just happened to have because reasons)

Is this normal?????????????

I feel like I am the only one imposing safety regulations in this place, I mean, Jesus. ETA I know it’s not the absolute worst shit ever but I’m still a bit baffled.

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