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This is What an MP is Supposed to Do!

I am so proud of my local Member of Parliament, Michael Chomg. Despite being a member of the Conservative Party, he refuses to toe the party line and will publicly defy the Prime Minister's office. What's more, in the past he also brought forward a private member's bill that weaken the power of the Prime Minister and make him/her more accountable.

Most recently he has broken ranks with the Prime Minister to call for legislative oversight for Canada's spy agencies to go along with proposed new powers they are getting in a bill that is currently before the House of Commons. The Prime Minister has consistently resisted calls for more oversight.

In our current political climate, most MP's have been turned into puppets of the Prime Minister's office, who are given their talking points, and are not allowed to comment on any issue that they have not been given official talking points on. To deviate from Thr party line is to risk being stuck as a back bencher. Michael Chong was in Cabinet once, but resigned on principal. So basically they don't have that carrot to hold him in line.


What's more he personally popular in his own riding, so any threat not to sign his nomination papers if he didn't toe the line would probably backfire.

I also love the fact that his call for more oversight of the spy agencies also includes a call for reform of how MP's are selected for committees. The last few years have given ample evidence that too much power is invested in the Prime Minister's office, and reform is vital.


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