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This Is What DC Thinks of Their Female Fans

This shirt, which is a real licensed shirt from DC, was found by an intrepid Batman fan in the Junior's section in Walmart.

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I have never wanted to set a piece of clothing on fire so much in my entire life. I can't even BEGIN to express how wrong every aspect of this shirt is.


What does "training" mean here, anyway? Training to be thin enough, pretty enough for the likes of Bruce Wayne? Or perhaps training on how to cook and clean for the caped crusader? That Bat Cave gets AWFULLY dirty, you know. Better learn how to get blood stains out of his clothes, girls! You don't want your superhero husband to wear dingy, stained armor!


So ladies, the take away from this is that we can't be superheroes but we can marry them... if we train ourselves to be good enough. Thanks DC!

If you'll excuse me, I need to go punch a wall. Wait, is that unladylike? I suppose we can just call it superhero wife "training" for the inevitable fridging that would happen as Batman's beloved!

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