TW: Sexual assault - it's fictional, but it's realistic; NSFW - some partial nudity; Video after the jump

Éléonore Pourriat has created a video entitled "Oppressed Majority,' wherein she tries to shine a light on sexist micro- and macro-aggressions by reversing gender roles in a fictional matriarchy. The result is really interesting, especially with respect to the familiar patterns of street harassment.

The video is about 11 minutes long, in French, with subtitles. The assault is not shown, per se, but I've added a trigger warning anyway. I've embedded the Youtube video here (which may or may not require you to verify your age):

If you don't wish to sign in to Youtube, the following link also has the full video embedded:…

I have one real sticking point with the video and that is the reductionist treatment of head scarves as a religious choice. I think the video is otherwise great, so I chose to post about it anyway. Feel free to discuss the cons as much as the pros as you see them!


[h/t: Borg assimilated Chupacabras]

Edit: fixed the timestamp. Stupid thing.