I want to curl up on the sofa, pop something comfortingly brainless into the dvd (Greenwing? Torchwood? Fry and Laurie? The possibilities are endless) and fall asleep with the tv on, distracting my brain. There are a few problems with this.

1) The dvd 'mote has been sucked into a black hole. It has probably wandered off into another dimension wherein dvd remotes are sentient beings, has settled down with a beautiful lady remote, and had a passel of little baby remotes. Which means I may only be able to play the first episode of any show I put in. No good to me.

2) The wedded asshole will be home soon and will chase me off the sofa so that he can watch tv and mess about (possibly with more meanings for that phrase than one) on the computer (ahem. MY computer.) because he won't be ready for sleep yet. Of course not. When you sleep until 1pm, you aren't ready to go back to sleep at midnight. Besides, he needs to stay nice and awake until he thinks I'm fast asleep so he can go driving off to who knows where in the small hours of the morning and then return before I get up because I'm so stupid I won't notice. Pfft.


So, the sofa and tv is out. But, my brain really does need something to distract it long enough to get to sleep. Reading just isn't brainless enough to work right. Sucks to be stressed.

Good night and sweet dreams, dahlings. Be free of stress and secrets and light as lovely feathers. :)