Okay, so this post is dated today, but it seems vaguely/very familiar, so I don't think the story is actually that new. It doesn't matter for the point I'm going to make though.

So Hunter, a deaf three year old, has apparently been told by his school that he is not allowed to used the sign for his name because it looks too much like a gun.

Whether or not that is in fact true is an entirely different debate (I personally think no, because no one will mistake a 3 year old's hand for a gun, but whatever) but his parent's issue is that Hunter's name sign is a registered sign for SEE (Sign Exact English). I presume for the noun "hunter". (Who, you know, use guns... but whatever)

My issue is this: Whether or not this sign looks like a gun is irrelevant to me, but if we are going to insist on making it about that, and BAN HIS NAME, WHICH IS AN ACTUAL WORD, then we are saying that we as a culture are TERRIFIED of guns, and don't want anything to do with them.


But wait! We're totally fine with REAL guns? All the ones NOT made out of children fingers? And we're cool with allowing conceal carry permits, and selling them in Walmart? And we don't want people to be mandated to have background checks to own them?

How in the actual fuck are you really going to go to this length to "prevent gun tragedies" when the obvious solution is to REDUCE ACCESS TO GUNS? Instead of dealing with the real problem, you're going to police all the people who DON'T have guns? The actual fuck?


I know gun control is a touchy subject for a lot of people, but as long as the NRA exists, I really don't want to heard about the second amendment and your veiled racism.

Nobody needs guns. Guns are for killing things. Nobody needs to kill anyone or anything. (With the single exception of people who hunt for food)


ETA: This is just EVERYTHING I feel about the refusal to enact gun control laws in the US. It blows my mind that people literally REFUSE to tackle the ACTUAL problem.