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This is Who I Work With: 1

Let’s share all the annoying things our coworkers say/do!

As hitting people is bad manners, I have decided to just laugh instead.


My new colleagues are.... something.

I got trapped in a hall conversation that devolved into talk about people’s kids. Looking for graceful exit as I don’t give a shit. Then SHE teetered down the hall in her 4 inch heels to join us.

I’ve, mentally, given her nickname QB - Queen Bitch.

Hall talker 1 “Oh, I love your shirt. It looks like a painting!” Yeah, like a bad Picasso imitation.


“I got it at our secret shop this spring, but now it fits a lot looser.” Visualize her hands pointing up and down at her torso to show how thin (not really) she’s gotten fishing for compliments.

“Oh, so where did you get it?”, asked hall talker 1.

Long pause with coy looks to invite people to guess. No one guesses. “TARGET!!” That truly SECRET store no one knows about!!


..... Conversation turns to midi skirts (I am dying and trying to slink away). QB - “I love a midi as they come just to my knee. I am so tall a maxi looks terrible on me.”

Stupidly, I pipe up, “Doesn’t a midi typically hit somewhere on the calf?”

Eyeroll and condescending tone, “I read more than 20 fashion blogs, I know how long a midi is. It’s to the knee.”


Straight face, “Wow, I guess that makes you the expert.” Exit left.

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