Last time you were introduced to QB (Queen Bitch). Today, let’s bring in The Pretender (TP). TP is the one on the team who has the title and the degrees and talks a good game, but knows/does nothing.

She’s had scathing reviews from clients and ducks out of leading or even participating in any project that requires she present something in which she claims to be an expert. I don’t know how she continues to hold her job. Our upcoming project has 3 presentations, and there are 4 of us on the team. QB, without offering anyone choice or discussion, announced what part she would do. Then she asked what the rest of us would take. TP repeated the question. I spoke up and asked, “TB, what part are YOU going to lead?” (I don’t care if I lead a part or which part as I am more than comfortable with any of them.) Keep in mind, these presentations are in her supposed area of expertise.

“Oh, I thought Team member 4 she’ll be introduced later and I could work on (easiest) one together, and you could take the last one.”

Yet another skate job - she’ll dump it all on #4, but make sure her name is on it.

Share your Pretender stories as misery loves company!