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This is Why I Don't Go Places

So I’m minding my own business. Hanging out at the bar trying to unwind and chill and have a drink because my office assistant is a fucking moron.

And this drunk ass white man comes up to me. Because I’m a black girl in America you know I smile and I said hello and introduce myself but I’m not really trying to have a conversation with him.

And then of course he starts talking to me and he says” last week I had an epiphany. when Trump was saying make America great again I didn’t realize he was trying to make it great for people like me”


Me: ..........

Him: you know America was never great but a fact that he thought that he wants to get rid of people like you but keep people like me really hurts me. So what do I have to do as a white man to not continue to contribute to this problem.

But can I just drink my drink in peace though. Apparently not.

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