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Welcome To The Bitchery

This Is Why I Don't Watch Many Comedy Specials

I just got so angry that I got lightheaded and fell out of my chair*. My mother was in the other room listening to Eddie Griffin preform, and I have heard some ignorant B.S. from this guy. He said something about how he'd lock his son up with a prostitute if he was gay and how no man would be proud that his son was gay and I MOTHERFUCKING LOST IT!


I was only casually listening from the computer area, but this amount of ignorance is too damn toxic to listen to. I told my mother that I couldn't listen to him anymore, but "Okay, so he's not P.C" was her only reply. AAAAARRRRGGH. This is why I avoid mainstream comedians because at some point something ignorant is going to be said and everyone will be laughing while I am on the verge of having a rage stroke. I need some non-offensive humor to clear my mental palette or I feel I'll be stewing with rage all evening.

*granted, I've drank a bit of wine this evening, but this anger transcends even inebriation.

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