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This is why I eat unhealthily

So it's my day off and I want to spend as much time as possible doing nothing. Either vegging out watching shows, playing videogames, some such. But I also want to take the opportunity to eat healthy. You see, I've been gaining a bit of weight and I want to not.

It's nearing on 2 in the afternoon. I figured I'd make some soup. But I'm starving. I had cereal for breakfast and all recipes I can think of or create take around an hour to make. I can't wait that long! I'm hungry now! So I know I'll just end up buying a can of soup instead. I disappoint me.


I really need this whole 'preparing food ahead of time' or 'buying groceries ahead of time' thing in order. I've been failing at it for days now. (to be fair, I never had it down before either)

Friday dinner was great! Although I forgot to buy basil and we were already full from the pumpkin soup and mushroom ragout. On saturday boyfriend got the great idea to make boeuf bourguignon! We knew it'd take hours but forgot that it was actually well into the afternoon before we got started. We didn't eat it that night. He ate sandwiches and I ate leftover take-out. But he finished the last few hours of stewing on sunday while I was out to the movies with my mom. I came home to the most delicious dinner. Well done boyfriend!

I always start out with this great plan to be more healthy. But then I wait too long and don't get the stuff in the house in time and hunger (and the headache that pops up when I get hungry) win over actually preparing my own food. Ugh.


Off to the supermarket now to fail at feeding myself some more. How come I can't adult?

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