I went out with some friends last night and there was this new guy there. I was already a little irritated because sometimes when I show up somewhere and there's a bunch of people it strikes me that there are so many people there and they are all white. I still can't get used to that shit about living in Seattle. Anyway this guy is talking about some social issue, I can't for the life of me remember what, and he's like, "When is anyone going to do something about this?!" And I said, "As soon as it starts impacting rich white people." He looked at me like I had just said the MOST OFFENSIVE THING EVAR and starting going on about how Reagan was on food stamps or some shit and I was like hnnnrrrrr tell me more LOL. No, I changed the subject and asked him about his photography, and he told me about all the celebrities he's photographed but he sounded so bored with it because yawn, famousness, or whatever. I jokingly asked if he ever photographed LiLo and he said, "No, but I know everyone she's fucked, HAR HAR." So I was like, Okey dokey, buddy, I'm not going to talk to you anymore because I'm getting drunk and I don't feel like dealing with any guilt I may have tomorrow for being a total bitch to you. Ah, new people. Good times. EDIT: On Seattle whiteness: definitely a neighborhood thing. I work way south and most of my work friends live in Tacoma and when they find out how far north I live they're like, Nope, not goin' up there! I don't work with many white people. Now I feel weird for saying white people so much, lol. (I can't reply to comments on my phone so editing is the only way I can think of to do it, sorry.)