Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So today, one of Mr. Ivriniel's friends posted a link to Facebook of a horrible piece in the New York Times about an Israeli sniper shooting down unarmed Palestinian youth who was trying to lead a group of rescuers to people trapped in the rubble.


The story is made worse by the fact that the family of the young man killed found out what happened to him from this Youtube video.


And how does my FiL respond to this?

"Those muslim savages want Israel wiped off the map. They are not "fighting back" (as if Israel started this), they are waging a war of genocide. Go Israel, crush them into the sand!"

Then when people start to challenge him, his response is to call everyone Anti-semites.

So yeah, it's bad enough when I have to listen to him in person. I don't want to see his Facebook feed.

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