I love makeup and there are a few YouTubers that I really do love to watch, but over the past couple of years, it's become clear that most of the popular younger women putting up videos (and particularly the ones who don't have any actual experience as makeup artists) have become walking, talking, swatching billboards.

Now several governmental bodies are taking notice and cracking down. Starting soon in the UK, gurus will have to state explicitly if they have received the product for free as a PR sample and sponsored videos โ€” videos where the company pays the guru for their promotion of a particular product or brand โ€” will require the word "ad" or "advertisement" in the title of the video before you click (and give them a valuable hit).

But to be honest, I'm sure it won't take long for them to find another loophole. So if you're looking for some great adults to follow because you're getting a little suspicious of how often you've heard about how amazeballs GlamGlow is, I recommend the following:

Sali Hughes Beauty

Sali started out as a professional makeup assistant when she was 14 and become a full-fledged artist at 16. But over time she decided she'd rather write about beauty, so she studied journalism and has been writing a weekly column on beauty for The Guardian for years.


Her videos are a little less polished than the "gurus," but her advice is great and she has repeatedly stated that she doesn't do "sponsored" videos and won't take money for reviews. She's sent truckloads of product to review for the Guardian and then delivers a guide on the ones she feels are best. Her skin care videos in particular are great.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa studied under Mary Greenwell, one of the first-ever makeup artists, and has been doing makeup for roughly 20 years. She has a huge celebrity client list (including Kate Winslet and Kiera Knightley) and her makeup looks are really clean and elegant. She's not the best at explaining every single step, but once you get the hang of her style you will have some really great new makeup looks in your arsenal.


Like Sali, she's also great when it comes to skin care. Lisa does tend to push a lot of Chanel's makeup because she creates videos for their channel, but she hasn't recommended anything that's steered me wrong yet, so I trust her.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte's looks are a little too vamp for my taste, but her technique is fantastic. She too has been doing makeup for ages and became famous as Kate Moss's makeup artist and friend. She was also one of the first pros to jump on the YouTube bandwagon, which means that she is one of the more polished professionals when it comes to explaining each and every step.


She's also probably the most fun to watch, even if you don't want to have a full cat eye and red lips every day. She used to promote a variety of products (although her videos were always more about technique than the actual makeup itself), but as she just came out with her own beauty line she uses that exclusively. It is getting rave reviews from a number of trusted sources, however, and she does still stress that these looks can be re-created with anything similar.


This last recommendation is for a beauty blog, as Temptalia's Christine doesn't dabble in YouTube that much. But Temptalia swatches practically every new product that comes on the market โ€” from drug store to high end. She has a huge foundation color-matching matrix and routinely compares each new product to a list of higher- and lower-end dupes. She also gives every product a "Grade," and given the range of reviews it's easy to see that she is not giving everything an easy pass.



I don't know how invested anyone here is in the YouTube makeup world, but hopefully this list is helpful even if you're just curious about makeup and want to learn a little more.