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This is why your friends from CA can't buy a house.

I have experienced some resistance when expressing that even though my husband and I manage to wrangle home a “decent” income we absolutely cannot afford to buy a home, and are eternally terrified of being priced out of rentals. Here is why:

Fig. 1 — 1360 sq ft, and yes, that is the entire yard save a concrete strip in the back, and $525,000 ... before the inevitable bidding war. Cute thou!


Fig. 2 — JUST REDUCED! Cheapest example on the market! Regular ol’ tract home molded from cheap insulation + stucco. Located a 45 drive from EVERYTHING, including schools, in a fire belt. Did I mention there’s no high-speed internet available there? $454,900. Mwahaha!

Fig. 3 — Nice “Manufactured Home” (aka sweet trailer) with hookups and carport, being built now! Looks promising, would do! ONLY (lololol) $378,900 ... OH WAIT. It’s in a retirement community. Well, fuck you too.


To be honest, these all look *way* nicer than what we’ve been looking at.

Further context: around here, no one sells/buys apartments, so that’s not an option. (There are limited condos, but I’ve literally never seen one for sale not in a retirement community.)


Love you, Central California. I know I’d have it worse an hour north or south so I should count my blessings.

All pics pulled off Craigslist houses for sale section while writing this post.

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