I dump on myself all the time. I'm so awkward, I'm so shallow, I'm such a terrible friend, excetera excetera excetera. I think it's about time I stop doing this because it's distracting me from all of the things that I am great at and often feel proud about. Have you had this happen, to you? You're, let's say, studying to be a neuroscientist. You're working at the lab and you're doing all the Brain Science. Along the way, you trip and fall while carrying a beaker of somesuch and it breaks. If I were that neuroscientist, I'd be upset all day over how clumsy I am and how much the beaker cost and how embarrassing I am to the field of neuroscience. Thing is...I'd be a fucking neuroscience! I'm doing things to help other people. Why would my one-time accident suddenly negate all of the hard work I have done and the amazing potential in what I do?

Then there are discussions around like-minded friends. At some point, there is going to be a self-deprecating remark uttered by someone and we're all going to take it in stride or reply by reminding them how they are actually great. Imagine if we could disconnect ourselves from, well, ourselves and see us in the way that a good friend sees us. Not in the way that strangers see us because they are just strangers. We should all see us the way our friends see us. Unless they are total frenemies, they're going to see you as pretty okay as a human being and don't mind about your clumsiness or the wart on your chin or that you're bad at expressing feelings.They're going to care about the things that matter and have potential to change.

Sometimes we feel that we need to downplay our greatness so that we don't seem like an asshole. It's all part of being humble. Well, why be humble all the time?If you're anything like me, you've probably been dumping on yourself all day in the name of being humble. Acknowledge your positive aspects right now. Then,acknowledge the positive aspects of those around you.Let's wipe off the crap of the day and congratulate ourselves in what we're good at for a moment!