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This isn't a book club anymore...

It’s a booktatorship. (May’s winner and talk of June’s book club follow...)

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Hi, guys! We have a winner for May’s book club:

Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible won by a 2-to-1 margin. Wow!

So, I picked up a copy today ($2 at Half Price Books, woot!) and it’s a longer book—maybe the longest we’ve chosen so far. I’m already slated to host our June club (spectacularraptor was generous enough to cover 2 months in a row so I could prep for finals, so I owe her one—thanks, raptor!!).


I’m thinking that maybe we should make The Poisonwood Bible a two-month read, since it is longer. If we did that, we could do an end-of-May mid-book check in (or not, depending on what folks need/want) and/or an end of June big ass discussion.

What do y’all think? Make TPB a 2 month read or no? If so, May check in and June convo, or just June?


Wait, maybe I’m not so good at being a booktator... Am I booktating right? ;)

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