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I had forgotten, since I have been out of town for almost 3 weeks going to THREE weddings in a row in different states. Wedding food, bar food, fast food, restaurant food, gas station food - all I ever want to do in my whole life, ever again, is cook my own damn food. Who knew I would miss it so much? In addition to the 3 weeks on the road, the week and a half before that were spent attempting to get myself prepared for those trips by working my face off - also no cooking.

I forgot I liked food that was home-cooked, even if it's not star-quality. I forgot I like grilled things. I forgot I like not spending a zillion dollars a day. I forgot what it feels like not to be stuffed and farty all the time. I forgot what it's like to not drink booze, AND not be hungover - all in the same day.

I like being a functional adult who feeds herself in such a way so as to say, I choose life.

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